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This may retain the tubing from bursting and leading to you significant damage to your property.

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  3. Wednesday 10th June 2015 New Gauge Half-Life is a modified version of Half-Life 1 designed for speedrunning, created by rofi. Set the file contents to be the following: clockwindow 0 //remove short lag after loading default_fov 110 //view angle (field of view) developer 1 //developer messages in the console (off) gl_texturemode GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR //disable ugly 'stairs effect' on textures MP3Fade Time 0.0 //prevent music from playing forever cl_showfps 1 //show the game fps //bunnyhop script alias bhop "alias _special _h;_h" alias _h " jump;wait;-jump;wait;special" alias -bhop "alias _special" //climb script alias climb " duck;wait;-duck;wait; duck" alias -climb -duck //gauss boost script alias gauss "cl_pitchup 180;cl_pitchdown -180;-attack2;wait;cl_pitchup -12;cl_pitchdown 12;wait;cl_pitchup 89.999;cl_pitchdown 89.999" //object boost script alias obbo2000 " use;w12;-use; jump;w;-jump" //zoom alias " fov" "default_fov 35" alias "-fov" "default_fov 110" //wait table alias "w" "wait" alias "w2" "w;w" alias "w3" "w2;w" alias "w6" "w3;w3" alias "w12" "w6;w6" Thanks to quadrazid on the Source forum for the gauss boost, object boost and wait table scripts. Open the video settings and set your renderer to 'Hardware', and then the resolution/aspect ratio that you desire.