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The different approaches of the genders to many aspects of relationships, including communication and bonding, are another factor that can stress couples' feeling of closeness over time.

The pursue--withdraw pattern, where one partner keeps after the other to resolve an important issue or for more closeness, while the other feels overloaded and keeps withdrawing or picking a fight to get away, is especially dangerous.

Appreciate the male need to bond through shared activities.

Make time for the intimate talking that women usually prefer for bonding--but make it easier for him by scheduling it at a good time, setting a time limit on these discussions, and limiting any negativity. Schedule a regular date night, especially if things are slowing down.

You'll be surprised how the anticipation will whet your appetite--just like it did when you were dating.

Introduce new forms of novelty to compensate for the inevitable diminishing partner novelty.

So what can couples do to avoid the seemingly inevitable slide toward greater disengagement? But for most couples, it doesn't happen on its own.

Daily, non-stressful communication--continuing to keep up with each other's lives--is another bonding activity.This pattern is what's primarily behind the stereotypes of the 'nagging' wife and the husband who 'doesn't talk.'All of these factors can chip away at the strength of your bond, in part by disrupting the brain chemistry that underlies it.Many couples count on the strength of their initial bond to get them through these challenges and can't imagine that it might fade.Couples report that "the spark is gone," or that while they still love each other, they are no longer "in love" or have "grown apart."Some couples think that starting a family together will reinforce their bond. They may stay together because of their kids, but their tie to each other is actually diluted as their attachment to their children displaces their connection to each other.The fact is that nature never intended for the exhilarating feelings that you experience when falling in love to endure with the same intensity over time.

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And it's one that tends to go by the way when lives become busy. Your disagreements are something that both of you must take an active role in managing.