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• a chronologically ordered list of Kant’s writings, • an overview of the Academy edition of Kant’s works, • Arthur Warda’s 1919 bibliography of Kant’s publications and • Warda’s 1922 bibliography of Kant’s library • a list of biographical resources, • a list of textbooks used by Kant, • a list of publications containing student notes, • an overview of the FMDA series edited by Hinske, Kreimendahl, and Schwaiger, • annual bibliographies of the Kant literature, with an emphasis on English language books and articles: (anonymous) (1804). This is a chronological bibliography in two parts: (a) editions of Kant’s writings, (b) writings on Kant and the Kantian philosophy. Adickes single-handedly examined and gave a brief review of each of these books and pamphlets (when they were available to him; many prior to 1850 were unavailable, in which case he read whatever reviews he could find). Includes fragments from nineteen sets of notes on Physical Geography; please see the overview table for these notes. Adickes provides a summary of the main findings of his 1911a at pp. 14.] Includes fragments from notes on Physical Geography 1923).

“Kant, in seiner letzten Lebenszeit.” Der Freimüthige, ed. Adickes adds a list of “Additions and Corrections” [pp. While this book includes pain-staking philological research on the physical geography notes, it also includes one of the first careful general discussions of the various problems surrounding the student notes from Kant’s lectures in general, and so is well worth the time of anyone interested in this larger issue. Kants Ansichten über Geschichte und Bau der Erde (Tübingen: J. Kant’s handschriftlicher Nachlaß: Anthropologie (Berlin/Leipzig: de Gruyter), with a 10 pp. [= Kant’s gesammelte Schriften, published by the Berlin Academy of Sciences, vol.

Kant used this text for his lectures on moral philosophy.

Translation into English of Baumgarten, Metaphysica, 4th edition (1757), with variant readings from other editions. Initia philosophiae practicae primae acroamatice (Halle: Carl Hemmerde), xi, 139 pp. [more] —— (1740), Ethica philosophica (Halle: Carl Hemmerde), xvi, 326 pp. Photomechanical reprint (1969): Hildesheim, Georg Olms Verlag. Immanuel Kant, Critique of Practical Reason and Other Writings in Moral Philosophy (Chicago: University of Chicago Press), xv, 369 pp.

Der Freimüthige (1803-1806) was a newspaper published as a four-page issue every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Edited by Walter und Jolanda Abegg in cooperation with Zwi Batscha (Frankfurt, 1976), 367 pp. Kant used the 5th edition in his Natural Law lectures. German Kantian Bibliography (Boston/London: Ginn & Company), 623 pp. Kant’s handschriftlicher Nachlaß: Mathematik, Physik und Chemie, und Physische Geographie (Berlin/Leipzig: de Gruyter), including Adickes’ general introduction to the third division (Nachlaß) of Kant’s collected writings: xxvii-lxii. These Address-Calenders were published every four years as official documents, listing the many government offices, who filled them, and where they lived. Ausführliche und mit Urkunden versehene Historie der Königsbergischen Universität (Königsberg: Johann Heintrich Hartung), 2 vols., with two additional volumes in 17 (see below). Between the two volumes, however, is a continuous numbering of the chapters (chs. Kritische Exkurse im Gebiete der Kant-Forschung, 2 parts, reprinted as vols. “Kants Vorlesungen über physische Geographie und ihr Verhältnis zu seinen anthropologischen Vorlesungen.” Arnoldt (1908-9), vol. Traité de pédagogie, with a preface, analytic summary, and index by Raymond Thamin (Paris: Félix Alcan), 132 pp.

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Immanuel Kant, Theoretical Philosophy after 1781, with additional translations by Gary Hatfield and Michael Friedman (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), xiii, 530 pp. A Biographical Study (London: Routledge and Kegan Paul), xvi, 900 pp. Die Mitglieder der deutschen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, 1700-1950 (Berlin: Akademie Verlag), xi, 204 pp. Kant’s Theory of Mind: an analysis of the paralogisms of pure reason (Oxford: Clarendon Press), ix, 314 pp. Translation into English of lecture notes on Logic .

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