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This can be very difficult to do when a person is already struggling day-to-day with not feeling well.Hopefully, a dean of students or the Disability Services Office on campus can help with brainstorming and with creative solutions, such as moving to an extended program or taking some classes online. Young people must sit by and watch others their age participate in activities that are out of reach for them.And so, after completing 3/4 of the units toward his law degree, he had no choice but to withdraw from school and move back in with his parents who lived in another state. Little did I know that eight years later, I’d be given the same diagnosis and be forced, in effect, to withdraw from the very same school.Young people with chronic illness often have to think outside the box when it comes to their education.This ignorance about young people with chronic illness has other consequences.Several young people have told me that they’ve been openly challenged when they park in a disabled spot, even though they have the required placard or sticker.When, after six months, he still hadn’t recovered, he was given the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.He was a dedicated student and was determined to get his law degree.

I feel frustrated and sad when young people tell me that they’ve been challenged by others in this way.Imagine how hard it must be to respond skillfully to a comment like that.A 2013 study by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine (NAC/IOM) showed, not just that Americans are getting sicker, but that young Americans are getting sicker.When he and I realized that he could no longer keep up in his classes, I put him on a four-year program, which extended his studies by a year so that he could take a lighter class load. But soon, he lost his ability to take care of his daily needs. This meant that he not only had to miss classes, but he couldn’t get to the grocery store to buy food.It became increasingly clear that he could no longer live independently.

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From years of writing about chronic pain and illness, I’ve learned that young people carry several extra burdens, especially when their disability is invisible (as is more often the case than not).

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