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The simplest vacuum tubes resemble incandescent light bulbs in that they have a filament sealed in a glass envelope which has been evacuated of all air.

When hot, the filament releases electrons into the vacuum: a process called thermionic emission.

The result is a current of electrons flowing from filament to plate.

This cannot work in the reverse direction because the plate is not heated and cannot emit electrons.

In it's simplest form a vacuum tube can be created to operate as a diode: a device that conducts current only in one direction.

On most tubes, the leads are designed to plug into a tube socket for easy replacement.FWIW, you can't put much into the serial # on the cab, but the wording of it has me thinking more of a mid 70s type label than a late 60s/early 70s.If the speakers are original, that's always the best way to date them. It's not a basketweave but cloth that has thin strands of gold weaved in. Unfortunately, the original speakers are long gone. green wash tolex and lack of corner protectors does point to the early 70s.Decades later his amps are still some of the best gear our there.If you have any questions or want make a purchase please call our shop, drop us an email or buy a Marshall Amp or Head online.

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