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System 7.5 boots on everything from Mac Plus through Mac II to Mac Classic to Mac Quadra and LC, as well as the early Power Macs.Which means that System 7.5 is the most compatible system software to use with all of the old Macintosh emulators - Soft Mac, Gemulator, v Mac, Fusion, Basilisk II, etc.- since it works on the most number of classic Mac models and ROMs.

System 7.5 is the one universal Mac OS for use on classic Macs.So, if you are interested in getting over of these never used, never opened (heck, never exposed to sunlight) packages of Mac OS 7.5 / System 7.5 floppy disk based system disks, now is your chance.As before, I am giving these away to anyone that either sends me a suitably sized self-addressed stamped mailer large enough as you see to hold a typically sized Mac OS package, or sends me a Starbucks gift card of at least to cover a coffee and the cost of shipping you the package.I am presently back in Seattle and diving into all things cloud computing. Hi folks, I've been receiving a lot of emails asking about Windows 8.x updates of the emulators.I am happy to say that the touch-enabled releases of Xformer, Gemulator, and Soft Mac for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are heading for beta test this summer. To update to last week's posting (below): I opened up one more box, this one containing 30 of the Macintosh System 7.5 packages containing CD-ROM editions.

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Besides the almost hundred of the 7.5 floppy disk package I have maybe ten packages of the 8.1 CD-ROM.

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