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Furniture dating site

Our inventory, on four acres in Santa Fe, New Mexico consists of the world’s largest showcase of antique materials in the U.

S., and includes an 18,500 square foot manufacturing facility.

We can work with you to achieve your vision for your home, whether it is a magnificent front entry, or solid wood custom kitchen cabinets for your dream kitchen.

The antique material we incorporate is one of a kind, the craftsmanship is unequaled, the results are extraordinary.

In the clip you’ve also got some shots of what appears to be a late-night buggy race.A Story Behind Every Door La Puerta Originals produces the most extraordinary commercial and home furnishings and design elements, from custom solid wood kitchen cabinets, bars and wine storage, bathroom vanities, fireplace mantels, and yes, doors, both interior and exterior, and gates.Our commercial projects have ranged from recreating a Cuban bar and cafe, to stately ballroom doors, sales and work counters for specialty shops, massive doors and gates for car dealerships and private clubs and furnishings and architectural elements that add warmth and comfort to an assisted living facility.Or it may just be one carriage trying to pass another. I also found the discussion of bed courtship, or “bundling”, interesting.This is a practice that has been associated with the Amish but today is typically only seen among more conservative Amish groups.

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We are committed to using environmentally sound practices that start with using salvaged wood doors and other architectural antiques from around the world.

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