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The pack size is just 13x20cm and this, coupled with the lightness, makes it ideal for backpacking, Nordisk says this one is suitable down to -6 Celsius, but you’d probably need a few layers on at those sort of numbers, but it will work perfectly for summer trekking as long as you’re not going too high. The Big Sleep 250GSM Single Cowl Sleeping: £18.99, Argos If you want a no-frills, budget sleeping bag for under £20 that will see you through more than one summer and keep you warm without getting sweaty, opt for this.The extra width means it doesn’t get twisted and it’s comfy, simple to wash and soft inside.And the hood is cosy enough to use as a pillow in its own right. Once your child is ready for bed, simply zip the bottom back on and zip up the shoulders.There’s also a panda design available, and you can get an adult version too.

Be sure to check what seasons the sleeping bag is for before you part with your money, as well as finding out how lightweight it is and how small it packs up if you are backpacking (in which case, you’ll also want to check it’s waterproof, especially if you’re carrying it on the outside of your backpack).Consider whether you want a mummy or rectangular shape – or perhaps you’d like one of the fun options that doubles up as a coat. Do you find most sleeping bags feel like a straightjacket, in which case do you want an extra-wide one?Is the zip easy to use and in the most practical place? In which case you’ll need to seek out an extra-long one. Down is great for heat retention, warmth to weight ratio, temperature range (so you can use it in both warm and cold conditions) and it has a longer lifespan and is easier to compress and pack up.Give yourself a bit of time to fit it back in the bag after use, though, and use it for spring, summer and autumn, but not winter. Jack Wolfskin Smoozip 3: £80, Jack Wolfskin Here’s another sleeping bag with an innovative zip system – in this case, meaning you can open and close the zip in one seamless motion.We also like the extra insulation around the parts of the body that tend to feel the cold (head, torso and feet). Vango Starwalker Dragon: £47.50, Vango This innovative, soft-touch, high-quality sleeping bag – which is suitable for children aged 5 to 10 – enables you to zip off the legs and shoulders and turn it into a fun, animal-themed coat.

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Suitable for usage between 8 and 20 degrees Celsius, so it’s one for summer nights. Outwell Conqueror: £149.99, Outwell If you miss your own bed when you’re camping you’ll love this sleeping bag that has an integrated down duvet and lots of space to move around while you sleep.