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“It hurt his feelings,” said an insider, “It’s just Keshia being petty.” After announcing the split, Hartwell — who demanded a paternity test on the unborn child, despite Knight Pulliam’s vigorous assertions that the child is his — told Page Six that the brief relationship had been torn apart by jealousy, disagreements about starting a family and suspicions of infidelity on both sides.The couple — who announced their engagement on New Year’s Eve 2015 and got married on New Year’s Day 2016 after dating for just four months — say their marriage was in tatters after a few weeks. “Our lives and wants are headed [in] two different directions.” Knight Pulliam had announced her pregnancy on Instagram one week before Hartwell — a former Baltimore Ravens linebacker — filed for divorce in Atlanta citing irreconcilable differences.It even keeps running after I log out at the end of the day (at work) or night (at home) I just recently installed it on my new G5 X-serve (dual 2.3 ghz 520gb mirrored drives with 4gb RAM) and it's doing 50-60point GROMACs in about 7 to 8 hours each, well 2 at a time so I'm crunching about 100 points in 8 hours with it. The laws of probability say it's just a matter of time until a meteorite crashes into Apple's Cupertino campus. Why have an i Phone when you can have a ;3ant409aus.

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Hartwell told Page Six that in February he “had a sit-down” with his wife. A rep for Knight Pulliam didn’t get back to us, and we couldn’t reach her mother.