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Mary j blige dating

“I can sense that I’m not what you want anymore,” said Blige, adding that her husband began to ask her about trivial matters like why she never cooked or why she didn’t style her hair a certain way.

“You start to realize that this man doesn’t want you and he’s just gone all the time and you’re by yourself in the relationship,” said Blige.

In April, Blige claimed in court documents obtained by PEOPLE that Isaacs spent more than 0,000 during their marriage on “travel charges” that involved his girlfriend, not her.

Blige also claimed that Isaacs drives a Mercedes that she pre-paid the lease on and that he refuses to turn over possession of her “Grammy and other achievement awards.” WATCH: Hillary Clinton Talks to Mary J.

Mere days after reports accused the music manager of spending 0K of Miz Blige's hard earned money on his new girlfriend, it was revealed that Isaacs allegedly cheated on the 46-year-old with her much younger protégée. According to singer was dedicated to making Starshell, well, a star. Although Kendu's alleged infidelity wasn't the only problem in their marriage as sources close to the couple claim Blige's ex was verbally abusive towards her.

Blige is in the middle of a pretty messy divorce with estranged husband (and former manager) Martin "Kendu" Isaacs. His goal is to reach an amicable resolution with her and [have] this commentary cease and desist.

I was successful when I met him and have continued to enjoy success, although there have certainly been ups and downs."She also claimed Isaacs had been misappropriating money for two years, spending 0,000 in travel charges for hotels and airfare that were not related to her business and did not include her.

She was also ordered to pay retroactively, dating back to September as well as account for his attorney fees for a total of 5K.

Though Blige had originally filed not to pay her ex anything, the judge's orders are far less than what Isaacs was originally seeking: 9,319 per month.

“My marriage is not on the rocks, but I would be a liar and my fans would hate me if I said to them, ‘Oh, we’re perfect and everything is great,’” she told Wendy Williams on her show in 2012. We’re not out in public trying to kill each other, but it’s real.

We love each other.” In the months since the split, Blige released a “personal” single, “Thick of It.” “It’s almost painful to let it out,” Blige said of the track in a press release.

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They remained friends – but got closer this summer – while at the 2016 Essence Festival.