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Military sex chat

"The continuing failure of the military services to follow proper procedures in discharging sexual assault victims for mental health reasons underscores the vital importance of meaningful review of their discharges before the military boards," said Sara Darehshori, senior counsel for Human Rights Watch's U. "Yet these boards offer little hope for remedying the problem.For the many victims whose records are missing, the chance of having an unjust discharge fixed or even properly reviewed, is next to nothing.""There is no indication they (Human Rights Watch) actually reviewed service records, discharge records, or service standards, to objectively assess whether the discharge was right or wrong," a department spokesman said in an email.Has downloadable brochures for Veterans, educational tools for providers, and articles that help survivors and providers learn more about MST and VA’s free and confidential MST-related services.

"They gave me extra duties...a week after the assault I had to clean the men's latrines."The military, in an email to CNN, rejected the report's conclusions and said it had no idea how Human Rights Watch came up with its calculations because there's no indication the group reviewed service records.The 124-page report, titled "Booted: Lack of Recourse for Wrongfully Discharged US Military Rape Survivors," is based on interviews with 163 victims of sexual assault from all divisions of the military over a 28-month period.It said that many sexual assault victims have been unfairly discharged from the military and, as a result, have suffered a loss of service benefits due to poor discharge records.At the VA, Veterans can receive free, confidential treatment for mental and physical health conditions related to MST.You may be able to receive this MST-related care even if you are not eligible for other VA services.

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To receive these services, you do not need a VA service-connected disability rating, to have reported the incident when it happened, or have other documentation that it occurred.

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