Online dating peak season

Posted by / 16-Jan-2016 01:54

Online dating peak season

Online activity and new members annually increase by up to 95 per cent compared to the rest of the year as single people hoping for romance make renewed efforts to find a partner.

The rest of the month also proves particularly busy, with a predicted 27 per cent increase in communication between members and more than a million messages sent on e Harmony site alone.

Nevermind the app’s reputation for simply being a tool to find an easy hookup.

As they say, the best cure for a breakup is to find someone new.

In case readers were wondering, January happens to be the least popular month of the year for weddings.

Afterall, peak breakup season could spell a nightmare for even the simplest seating charts.

Gilda), a relationship expert and author of Ending a less-than-fulfilling relationship and looking to start over at the beginning of the new year is about as much an existential crisis as signing up for a new gym membership.The company sees a 42 percent spike in new singles looking for love during dating season, which they say spans from December 26 to February 14.(During this “season” there are some 50 million messages sent, 5 million new photos uploaded and a million dates.)Other companies like Tinder concur, though they aren’t quite as specific.The anxiety and stress imposed by the holiday season—social obligations, nosy relatives, too much family time and booze, terrible gifts—leave many people longing for something (or someone) new.Dating companies look forward to January's surge in membership when eager, recently single and/or broken-hearted souls start trolling their websites and apps for companionship. law firm found one in five couples planned to divorce after the holidays.

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