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The data indicate that the Paganica-San Demetrio fault system has ruptured in the past both together with the conterminous Mt. Marine fault system, along more than 30 km and causing an .

19 km, as in the recent 2009 event and in the similar 1461 AD event.

1; Lorenzani 1703; Uria de Llanos 1703; De Carolis 1703; Baglivi 1710; Antinori, 18th century; Cappa 1871).

For the 1703 earthquake, coeval historic accounts described the opening of long chasms along the foothill facing the northern Aterno River Valley, between Pizzoli and Arischia (see Fig.In the northern Aterno Valley, that is, in the hangingwall of both the Mt. In turn, south of L’Aquila, at the hangingwall of the Paganica Fault and at the hangingwall and footwall of both the San Gregorio and San Demetrio faults, the continental terms of the Quaternary basin of Paganica-San Demetrio-Barisciano were grouped by Bosi & Bertini (1970) and Bertini & Bosi (1993) into two main fluvio-lacustrine complexes. Pettino rock fault scarp (A-B, respectively), and across the apex of a recent alluvial fan (C, Mt. This scarp matches with a synthetic splay of the Mt. It exposed colluvial and alluvial deposits of the Upper Pleistocene (post 40 kyr), as well as a couple of palaeosols, all of which were displaced by four faults (see Fig. The oldest units outcropping in the ‘horst′ structure between faults A and D are fine alluvial gravels and sands, which alternate with two dark palaeosols (Fig. Note the high urbanization of the near-fault pediment.. Considering the slight tilting of the footwall succession and that the top of unit 19b is truncated by erosion (i.e. 4), the calculated vertical offset of 13 m must be considered a minimum value, giving the relative slip-rate of over the entire structure.Then recently, Galli These three depositional units are always separated by erosional surfaces and/or palaeosols. Marine Fault, and a trench was dug by Moro (2002), who provided the first reliable palaeoseismological data of this structure (Fig. We present here other, new and unpublished, interpretations and datings relating to the long southern wall of this trench, together with those obtained in a second trench excavated inside Arischia village, across the southeastern tip of the fault scarp (T2). 4, units 19a and 21) that developed on the colluvial deposits of a thick tephra level (Fig. T2 is instead located inside Arischia village, in a highly anthropised area behind the San Benedetto church (12th-18th century).The geological evolution of the entire Aterno Valley area is characterized by a progressive downward embedding of forms and deposits that has been driven by the continuous deepening of the hydrographic network. A rough indication for the Late Pleistocene slip-rate of the fault is provided by the offset of the uppermost palaeosol (Fig.This process has also been controlled by the activity of the tectonic structures that delimit the southwestern slopes of the carbonate ridges, and in particular by those faults that we have investigated for this study: namely the Mt. Pettino Fault near L’Aquila and the Paganica-San Demetrio fault system in the south. 1), the lower continental deposits consist of 2001). 1), the finest levels contain Arkidiscon meridionalis vestinus (Azzaroli 1983), which grade upwards to gravels (Madonna della Strada fm.), and well stratified breccias (San Marco Breccias), with reversed magnetic polarity (Messina 2011) and which formed the cores of our trenches. Pettino Fault (rfs, rock-fault-scarp; the others labels as in Fig. Between Pizzoli and Arischia, which are SW of the main basal fault, a subtle scarp runs through the slope deposits. 4, faults A and B displaced the post 40 kyr succession (visible in the central part of the trench) against historical Holocene deposits, which also provided the most striking palaeoseismological data. 4, unit 19a), which was encountered at the very bottom of the deepest pit made in the hangingwall before the trench filled in.

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5.9 in central Italy and primary active faults (from Galli et al. Empty arrows, GPS-derived extension rates (mm yr-1; from Serpelloni et al. 1, Late Pleistocene-Holocene eluvial-alluvial deposits and alluvial fans; 2, Late Pleistocene slope-alluvial deposits; 3, Middle Pleistocene fluvial sand and gravel and equivalent slope deposits; 4, Lower Pleistocene white lacustrine silts, fan-delta gravels, slope breccias. Cones are the Quaternary volcanoes of the Roman comagmatic province Auctorum.

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