Sex chat with straight guys notes on the dating of the homeric poems

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I’d grown up in a middle-class Massachusetts town, which was largely Irish and Italian, and, frankly, prior to that summer, I’d not known much in the way of tenderness or warmth from straight men.

Consequently, I’d built up a thick, defensive wall of big words around me.

Here’s what some of the men in my classes told me: Fred’s first awareness of a sexual response to another male was to an image of Michaelangelo’s “David” in a college art history class.

He wrote, “For a while I was actually in my own reality and allowed myself to be turned on.” Sometimes, while having sex with his fiancée, images of perfect male bodies came into his mind.

In 2011, the heaviest taboos connected with being gay have been lifted.

Nevertheless, the cultural boundary line between “gay” and “straight” seems as definitive as ever, at least for men.

They could say as much or as little as they wished on the subject.Some women had shared these feelings with female friends or even boyfriends, but none of the men had told anyone about them except me.By all outward appearances, all the men fell into the normal range of what is socially considered “masculine.” Their public identification was heterosexual, while a few—privately to me—called themselves bisexual.Two things are noteworthy here: prior to the dream, Charlie described himself—for the first time—as “bisexual,” one of the few “sexual identity” terms our culture provides.As with Frank, his dreaming self was ahead of his waking self in creating a scene of sexual intimacy with a man that he had not been quite ready to acknowledge a desire for.◊♦◊Brad had never had any sexual feelings about a man before college.

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The turning point in my life with straight men came in 1986, the summer before my senior year in high school.