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The Glamorgan Pottery was founded in 1813 by the ex-manager of the Cambrian Pottery, right next door to it and in direct competition with it.

Not only the managers of the potteries but many of the workers came originally from Staffordshire.

As the Industrial Revolution took off, a series of works were built along the Tawe river from 1720 onwards and a series of mines were opened.

Initially, the smelting works concentrated on copper.

Although Kilvey Hill is to the east of the Tawe, the manor of Kilvey was also associated with Gower.The Braose family—memorialised in local placenames and road names today as de Breos—possessed Gower in the 13th century but preferred to live at Oystermouth Castle.The Gower lordship seems not to have been the main priority of most of the family, who took a full share in the robust politics of the day: see Reginald de Braose, John de Braose, and William de Braose for further details.Today's Hafod was originally the village of Vivianstown (Vivian & Sons owned the Hafod Copper Works); and Morriston was founded c.1790 (the exact date is unclear) by the Morris family who owned the Cambrian Works among other properties.

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