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I also thought I should try and mend fences with my sister.See more » In this season premiere of "The Big Bang Theory": Howard is still up in space, arguing with his mom and then Bernadette about where to next live.In one scene where Howard is talking to his mother from the ISS, a yellow hard-shell suitcase can be seen strapped to the wall behind him.Such a suitcase would not be on the space station as any luggage would be carried in lighter, more easily stored cases or bags.Howard returns to Earth feeling dejected when he finds out that his friends are not waiting for him at the airport at the request of Bernadette, who wants to spend some quality time with him. She, however, is suffering from allergies, preventing them from spending some private time together. On the occasion of the second anniversary of their first date Sheldon and Amy celebrate, however a lonely Raj is invited by Sheldon to join them. She also demands to know what is in his heart and gets a romantic soliloquy by Sheldon from the first Spider-man movie which she reluctantly accepts.Leonard and Penny are hanging out together where Leonard has set up the apartment with things Penny likes including snacks, beer and watching a football game. Leonard tries to get her to discuss their relationship seriously, but she has had a rough day and just wants to hang.

Schneider and Stuart has taken over his spot in his friendship with Raj, since they are living together. In the opening sequence, Howard thinks the capsule has landed when in fact the parachute has deployed and they are 6 miles above the ground and he screams in terror. He looks up and says, "God, if you'll get me out of this, I promise I'll never steal drugs from drug dealers ever again. This is inaccurate because, in addition to simulating weightlessness prior to flight, a simulation of a descent from a height would be conducted. See more » CHUCK LORRE PRODUCTIONS, #391When I was in grade school we would regularly have atomic bomb drills.One of my favorites was clambering under our little wooden desks, quick like bunnies, so that we would be "protected" when the shock wave hit our big picture window and sent thousands of shards of glass shrapnel into our classroom.

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