The dangerous side of online dating write online dating profiles

Posted by / 18-Feb-2016 21:52

Other young ones have unwittingly become involved with sexual predators.

These vile people first “groom” a prospective victim, building trust through friendly on-line chat.

Find out if you are truly compatible, especially when it comes to your spiritual goals and values.

Such a courtship can lead to a truly happy marriage.

How can something that looks so innocent and safe​—a computer terminal right in your own home—​actually present a danger to you?

“On the Internet, you may not actually know who the other person is.”​—Dan, 17.* “People can lie on the Internet. INTERNET dating continues to grow in popularity worldwide.

Choosing the Real Over the Virtual Internet dating may present other dangers.

In some cases, an on-line friend can become more real than the people whom you see each day.

Wicked people do, indeed, “hide what they are” in order to find victims on the Internet. Will people lie about something as important as their own spiritual side?

Such predators might remind you of Jesus’ illustration about false prophets who “come to you in sheep’s covering” but in truth are like “ravenous wolves.” (Matthew ) Anonymous communication through the Internet can make it almost impossible to see through such deception. Sadly, yes​—some claim to be true Christians when they are not. Again, one factor is that the Internet makes it easy. Much of the pain and misery in this world stems from lying.

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Some of the dangers are related to an important Bible principle.

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