W2k16 online dating

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W2k16 online dating

I've played them on the Nintendo 64 and Play Station 2 and ALWAYS loved them. Ever since 2K took over i feel like the games are just not fun anymore.

I saw someones comment on this game about how they seem to focus more on good graphics than game mechanics and i completely agree.

2K announced on their social media accounts that WWE 2K16 will feature the "largest roster in the game's history", featuring over 120 unique playable characters, nearly double the 67 that were in last year's game.

The loading screens take you back to N 64/Sega Genesis days.

In create a character, it takes 30 seconds to switch between one clothing item to another. So you can spend hours and hours, creating your perfect entrance only to have it corrupt your game.

I feel like they're focusing more on making the wresters look more realistic instead of improving the core mechanics of the game which is truly what matters most, you can have the best graphics of any game in the world but that doesn't make the game good if it doesnt play right.

Also I've been playing wwe games since about 06/07 so I'm no rookie and I know what makes a good WWE game.

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i had very low hopes coming into this game and this game fell short of those.

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