Waiting and dating by dr myles munroe looking for marriage dating sites

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Waiting and dating by dr myles munroe

I remember his marriage proposal at Shelter Rose Garden in Columbia like it happened yesterday.He shared with me his heart and the calling on his life.They are focused on what they want to get out of it.I know I was self-centered, manipulative and critical when we first got married. He thought God was answering his prayers, but was he in for a surprise—I needed to be changed!Then he asked me if I was game for the adventure: “Will you join me in walking with God?” Marrying a man who is after God’s heart is marrying someone who is walking with God.How about the quiet guy at church who serves faithfully and works hard?No, you want the bad boy who just walked into church, or maybe you met him at work and hope he comes to church with you.

I believe there are godly men in my church who are always overlooked by gals wanting the flashy types with hardly any character. When Sarah married Abraham, he wasn’t a father of nations.When Bathsheba married King David, it was after he sent someone to kill her husband. After 20 years of marriage, my husband, Jerome Haywood, is still pliable under the hand of God.I don’t know if women realize the value of a man whose heart is soft toward God.

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But instead of harping on him about my frustrations, I cried out to God. Then my husband would repent of the very thing I was frustrated about.