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His wife Alberta found him lying in the street after she heard their mongrel Blackie scratching at the door and saw the dog was covered in blood.

------ Mr Wilson's daughter, Margaret, who was six at the time, said: "We would really like to know who did this for our own peace of mind, even if the offender is dead." She said: "We think that quite a lot of local people will have known something about his death.

“Truly an incredible grand finale, fabulous” The Times “Dazzling...

I felt a shiver of excitement” Daily Telegraph “Simply Epic!

The unsolved case - know has the Pretty Windows Murder because of the pub's attractive frontage - led to five confessions, but all of them were deemed fake by police.

Nothing should be left standing on stage, could you do that? Indeed the show climaxed with this amazing effect as well as with other illusions never attempted in arenas before!He was described as being in his early 30s, between 5ft 10 and 6ft tall, wearing a green Trilby and a light-coloured raincoat, said to have been carrying a knife or a chisel. View down Manvers Street from Right hand side of pub View from rear of market towards pub (left hand side of pub) View from rear of market towards pub (right hand side of pub) The rear of Sneinton Market. "We are now taking all of this and cross-checking it with our files to see if we have any new leads to go on." ---This is where I live. I used to do the admin for the nursery next door, which is called Pretty Windows.Nine days later, two young boys playing in Polser Brook, a ditch just off the A52, near to Holme Pierrepont, discovered a knife, which they handed in to police. I used to do the admin for the nursery next door, which is called Pretty Windows. The pub is now called the Peggers Inn and it's rough as heck.Protection money's a good call, but then - what to make of George "wearing a suit on the night of his death, as if he had been planning to go somewhere or meet someone"?Stabs with a six inch blade to the face and neck also suggest a great deal of anger, so that with the suit inclines me toward a jealous hubby sort of personal vendetta. but if George was cheating on his wife, he wouldn't be fessing up to knowing who the threat likely came from..

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If anyone wants any photos of the scene as it is now, I'd be happy to oblige. I was in there about 14 years ago and Wyatt Earp wouldn't have gone in. Was the first question in my head'' The crooks side I tend to lean to.